A Passionate Advocate For Those Facing Criminal Charges

Few things are as serious as when you are accused of a crime. Even something as simple as a traffic ticket could have a lasting impact on your future. Located in Kingsport, the Law Offices of Jessica Newhart stands up for those facing criminal charges, ensuring everyone in Tennessee receives fair treatment under the criminal justice system.

My firm was founded to help people throughout the region have a better understanding of the law, as well as have easy access to an advocate who will aggressively defend their rights. To me, law is more than just a job — it is my duty, my passion and my way of life.

Dedication, Hard Work And Preparation

Most prosecutors are simply number-crunchers, working to charge as many criminals as possible. Without a dedicated criminal defense lawyer, you could be facing overwhelming opposition and steep sentences for your crimes. I represent clients charged with crimes such as:

  • DUIs and DWIs
  • Drug possession
  • Drug trafficking or manufacturing
  • Theft, robbery and burglary
  • Traffic violations
  • Assault and battery
  • Misdemeanors and felonies

Through hard work, honest counsel and detailed preparation, I help you understand the full extent of the law and how it applies to your case. Together, we can put your best foot forward and work to reduce or eliminate the charges you may be facing.

Trusted Throughout The Tri-Cities Area

My practice is trusted in Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol and throughout the Tri-Cities region by those looking for a quality criminal defense to protect their rights. With so much on the line, you deserve an attorney who cares about the outcome of your case. Together, we can help you move past this.

Call my firm at 423-408-2574  today to get started with a free initial consultation, or reach out online to schedule your appointment.